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WELS Civilian Chaplaincy in Europe
It is our mission to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in English throughout Europe in order to serve people with God's Saving Word and Sacraments.

Romans 1:17 “The righteous shall live by faith.”

October is the month when Lutherans remember the blessings the Lord gave us through Martin Luther. We are thankful that our salvation depends on Christ alone. We are thankful that we can now live that faith to honor our Savior, and we are thankful that we can share the message of that living faith with our European families. Our work has been made easier since we acquired our residence permits and transferred the bank account and the car title. We are still waiting to get our Ramstein base pass, but that should happen in the next few days. Yet we still struggle with the travel restrictions and general unease because of Covid. Still the Lord has blessed us with new families and new babies at Ramstein, and we were able to worship in Switzerland once more. Please pray that these blessings continue. Pray especially for the opportunity to worship as a group again in London. Most of all, pray that the Lord will richly bless the preaching of the pure gospel message that Martin Luther rediscovered over 400 years ago.

Sola Scriptura           Sola Gratia           Sola Fide


Pastor John Hartwig
Im Holzweg 4a  55288 Spiesheim
Phone: 6732-600-3933 Cell: 173-419-9572
E-mail: welschaplain@gmail.com 
Web Page:www.welseurope.net




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