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WELS Civilian Chaplaincy in Europe
It is our mission to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in English throughout Europe in order to serve people with God's Saving Word and Sacraments.

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

On this day in Spiesheim, the day that the Lord has given us is truly one to rejoice in. The sky is blue, the sun is shining between puffy clouds and a cool breeze is welcome after some very hot days. This day also marks the first newsletter from your new chaplain in Europe. My wife and I have been here for two months already! We are very thankful that the Stuppys were here to make our transition fairly easy. I say fairly only because the paperwork we need to conquer consumes too much of our time and everything seems to take longer in our coronavirus world. However, because of the Stuppys we have met some very kind neighbors and were introduced to the area and the places we need to go to help us with daily life in Germany.

Our weekend life centers around the people we are here to serve. So far, we have been able to continue having services in the places that have recently opened up. We’ve been to Ramstein and Wicker as well as Munich and Vilseck. Because of travel restrictions and lack of certain documents, we are still not able to serve in London or Switzerland. Still we rejoice that services are being held again and pray that the Lord would soon open up the other locations for us.


Pastor John Hartwig
Im Holzweg 4a  55288 Spiesheim
Phone: 6732-600-3933 Cell: 173-419-9572
E-mail: welschaplain@gmail.com 
Web Page:www.welseurope.net




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